Academics and Career Guidance

Basic Course in Ayurved

  • Basic About Ayurved
  • Meaning of Ayurved
  • Introduction to some basic Concepts
  • Dincharya(day curriculum)
  • Ratricharya(night curriculum,concept and knowlede about sexual act )
  • Rutucharya(seasonal,transiitional period behavioural management  of health,food etc)
  • Aahar-vihar(Scientific ayurved diet/healthy diet & practices)
  • Basic cause of disease formation
  • Pathya-Apathya(Goods and bads of food,practices for health)
  • Saatmya/Oaksaatmya Vichar((how to choose body- constitution friendly food & practices and how to tackle make unhealthy food body-constitution  friendly)
  • Shodhan-panch karmãs & Shaman(detox measures)
  • Preventive Health
  • Yoga(ashtang yoga)
  • Tri-Upastambhas i.e Stress Releaving Factors(Food,Sleep and Sex)
Topics :
  • 1. Ayurved in Kitchen
  • 2. Ayurved in Children
  • 3. Ayurved in Woman Health
  • 4. Ayurved in Geriatrics
  • 5. Ayurved in Pregnancy and Lactation
  • 6. Ayurved and Stress Management.......... and many more.

Ayurved for under- graduates

Ayurved for post graduates, teachers & researchers

Ayurved for medical practitioners.

Ayurvedic Management

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