About Ayurveda

The word ‘Ayurved’ has been defined as "Ayusha Veda" i.e. detailed information about life.
हिताहितं सुखं दुःखंआयुस्तस्य हिताहितम् मानं च तच्च यत्रोक्तम आयुर्वेदः स उच्यते॥

It means what is good life, bad life, what is agony, what is good for life, what is bad for life, what & how much is the span of life, these have been explained in this what is called Ayurved. This means it is not merely a science of medicine, herbotherapy or ancient science. It is beyond that. There had been reforms and boosting of treatments, different therapies, combination of medicines & therapies use of drugs etc. as per timely needs by ancient changes, the scientists what we can call, it is a “ The Science of Health” & correctly “The Science of Sound Health”.