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Our Specialities :

"Holistic Health By Holostic Approach"

Ayurved as what we are seeing is not merely a science of medicine, but a complete health science. A commitment of "Health for All".

It is a theory - Principle of health. Now a days it is just seen as science of herbs. Though it contains the use of natural flora & fauna, natural elements but beyond this it contains the laws of health. If one follows the laws properly, it is commitment for sound health. It says about equilibrium, harmony of body and mind. All we live for three Eshanas (Eshanas - sanskrit means wills), Praneshna (will for life), Dhaneshna (will for wealth), Parlokeshna (will for astral world ) and body is the tool through which we can achieve these.

Ayurved as stated 'Ayusha Veda' in sanskrit states : Everything every knowledge about life.

The basic principles are based on Shad Padarthas means six essential elements as 1.Dravya, the thing through which properties - actions are executed 2.una-properties 3.Karma - action, 4.Samanya - synonyms and 5.Vishesh - antonym in constitution,action and properties. 6.Samavay means proper combination of al,l the proper recipies. The assesment for decision needs tools as pratyaksha. Visualized by naked eyes or by instrumental aids. Anuman based on theories of possibilities coherent with experiences. Upamanam to explain is synonyms behaviour and adapt the elderly experienced statements. As we say advanced ayurved we do execute the principle based ayurved allowing to new modern tools in serving the same and exact purpose to solve the purpose of healthy life. Modern tools can be used rather should be used to monitor and asses the process of healing in body. dravya is synonym & antonym elements, properties and action the proper equilibrium as needed to action the purpose of harmony and health as stated in Sushruta samhita. "

समदोष:समाग्निच्श्र  समधातुमलक्रिय: प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमना: स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते॥

The equilibrium of powers of action, execution of energy,its assimilation-transformation, harmony in cell building, repairing excretion,secretion,cell metabolism.

The Pearls' Superspeciality Advanced Ayurved Clinics have designed unque approach with ancient wisdom of analysing diseased state with Ashta vidh & Dashvidh pariksha,Srotas parikshan,Dushya-dhatu.mal pariksha.PRAKRUTI pariksha.Saatmya pariksha,Aahar parikshan along withuse of Medical.astrographol& ogy.Ashtang Yog, Astrology &also advanced modern investigation toos .In treatmentmanagement Pearls' Ayurved have developed advanced approach keeping Ancient wisdom in main stream as well Ayurved Diet and Lifestyle Management.

Healthy and happy, satisfied mind and soul is a state of harmony of health called'' Swastha'' in Ayurved.

We are to achieve the purpose of this harmony of health to every human,to serve our mission- health for all "Sarva Santu Niramaya."

We claim for strengthening the body. We don't claim for any complete cure for Asadhya i.e. not curable diseases but improvement in quality of life. Patient's say sometimes as they are cured...

All treatments aim towards healthy working for cell.

Cell - > Tissue - > Organ - > Body System - > whole body through combating stress, providing healthy environment to cell and supporting systems of body ( Rasayan and Vajikarana i.e Rejuvenation therapy)

Stress is the basic component of disease process. It disturbs the harmony of mind and body, activates catastrophic chemicals disturbing healthy cell environment and function. Ayurved states Aahar(proper diet), Nidra(proper sleep) and Bramhacharya (proper sex activity) as the three main Upastambhas i.e stress releaving factors. If we make use of these three factors properly, the cause of diseases, the undue stress would be regularised and neutralised and there would be almost no or very minimal disease process and additional medicine use could be limited.

Also another important factor leading to disease process is unnecessary controlling or producing reflexes of body called the 'Vegas' in Ayurved. If we make habit of all these i.e maintaining proper diet, sleep and sex (as per age) and not controlling the spontaneous reflexes of body also not producing the reflexes effortly, we would take a happy and healthy life.

Our Strength :

Customized medicine plan developed on the basis of individual doshas, dhatavas, malas, prakruti parikshan (knowing individual type of constitution of body), vyadhi avastha (status of disease pathology) and accordingly utilizing not only classical medicines but modern medicine also under "Dravya Saman Vishesh" synonyms antonyms medicine with a promise and commitment of Health for all - Sarva Santu Nirmaya.

Acidosis / Alkalosis :

Key to maintain balance between acidic & alkaline enzymes, maintain buffer system, that is what we think.

Ayurved is not merely science of medicine.

Our treatment aims at Great Sushrutas saying about sound health- swastha as Sam Dosha-Sam Agnihi-Sam Dhatu-Malah Kriya,

Prasanna  Atma- Indriya- Manah. Swastheti Abhidhyate.

Equilibrium equals to Harmony in acting forces of body, actions of body, harmony in assimilation and of metabolism of cells equals to harmony and healthy living of body & cell structures proper execution of toxic materials formed during metabolism through body.

Happiness and calmness of soul, mind, all senses and fulfillment of their contentness is combinely called swasthe a sound health. This is what we aim to serve to mankind. Healthy body and mind and soul itself improves metabolism towards normal and diseases get cured or controlled to live happy life.