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Excellent care , concern and commitment in treatment and service

I was suffering from PCOS last 6- 7 years,my periods were irregular,at that point in time insted of realising that it might be something that needs my concern.little did i know about time went on my college started and i started to realise that i am loosing my weight which was exceptional case in periods were more irregular than before.i used to bleed 20 to 25 days per month.this cycle kept ongoing.i was tensed about my self.i went to number of doctors.i tried homeopathy as well but nothing changed. Then i went to Pearls superspeciality ayurvedic clinic.they gave me a diet plan and started a ayurvedic tratement . i started doing workout and keeping a track of my daily portion.. Thanks a lot to Dr. pradnya Chava,.she told me how important is to do meditation and exercise .i started incorporating it and i was amazed by its results.i used to get different medicine each month as per my medicle periods become regular. Bleeding rate came to decrese month by motivated me to carry my journey further, i never stopped working out so i combined ayurvedice medicine given by pearls clinic with my daily helathy lifestyle. It helped me in regular weight management and regulating the menstrual cycle.i am really thankful to Dr Pradnya Chavhan ,.I really appreciate the concern showed towards this issue from time to time and helping me in this journey.

Excellent care , concern and commitment in treatment and service

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After completing my sinus cancer treatment in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune (2009-10) the side effect continued till date ie. Continues flow of nose, mucus becomes hard like stone and it was affecting on my breathing. And bcoz of continues to blow the nose it affected on my ears and I started to hear 90% less. We have been to several ENT specialist, tried hearing maching but everything was useless. Then we consult with our family physician Dr. Thorat and he suggested us about this clinic. After starting treatment/medicines here I find improvement in my nose problem and simultaneously increase in hearing capacity. Now after 5-6 months of medicines me n my family can feel upto 25-30% cure in my problem, which I was facing from last 10yrs. Thanks to Dr. Thorat n Dr. Kalos n team

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